I am the original founder and President of the National Non Profit of Mini Pig Breeders INC, a non profit formed to support and promote ethical breeders throughout the USA and Canada.  Based on my own beliefs and the desire to improve the experiences of pet mini pig owners, I founded the non profit.  Mini Pigs, like so many other pet breeds, are exploited to help the breeder profit.  The facts about mini pigs and mini pig ownership are based on history, experience and time. You will get the facts when buying from California Mini Pigs. Whether its facts about sizes, life span, health and the simplicity (sometimes not so simple) of owning a pet pig, you will hear it here. We offer visits in person by appointment to help educate and make sure you understand what you are committing too.

I am one of the premier breeders in California, I have years of experience and knowledge to help your through your transition into piglet ownership.  I know many make this claim, but I have been one of the longest standing breeding facilities in California, and one of the longest honest facilities. There is no such thing as a micro pig, nano pig or Pixie Pig. There is no tiny imports, in fact all imports are published publicly at the USDA, make your breeder back their claims. My breeding stock is older, they are full grown and tiny ( as tiny as they get), in most cases I have 3 generations to back my lines, sometimes 4-5 generations. This is what you want to see when shopping for a pig. Genetics count! Think of all mammals including yourself!  We have a predetermined genetic code built in, no feed is going to change that. Yes! we can get fat and yes! we can be thin, but genetically you cannot alter our healthy size. 

I take pride in my stock and my ability to connect families with healthy pets. Are we perfect? No, nobody is. We have an excellent record based on real customer approval and consistent referrals and repeat buyers.  I back my stock and their health.

I will provide you with the support you need pre-sale and after sale. My customers are in contact with me for years following sales, through Facebook and texts.  As well as visits and I board too on occasion when my families leave town on family vacations.  I want to make your experience positive but also be here when you need me for after sales support.

California Mini Pigs,Redding , CA

Honesty, Experience, Integrity and Support!