Once your piglet is 6 weeks old and paid in full along with flight fees, we can start the process of shipping your pig. Understand this is not for IN STATE pigs, only out of state flying piggies. If you don't pay your fees until your piglet is 8 weeks, expect another 2 week delay, our vets cannot make same week appointments, ever.

Your piglet is seen by our vet, who is certified by the USDA, not all vets are and its important that a USDA certified vet sees the piglet

Your piglet receives a microchip that can be registered online, the vet scans the piglet to make sure the microchip is reading.  These can be purchased through us, even if your piglet is not shipping.  If you are paying the shipping fee, its required and included in your shipping fee.

After the piglet has a clean bill of health and verified microchip, the vet calls the state vet (where you live) and gets an import permit. Almost all states require a permit with a few exceptions,  the import permit tells the state that the pig has been approved to enter. 

Once a permit is issued the vet fills out a CVI, a certificate of veterinary inspection that is required of all pigs leaving the state, even if you live in one of the few states that doesn't require a permit.  The piglet must get a flight within 10 days and now I am ready to book your piglets flight with Delta Cargo.  Without this certificate the airlines do not accept your pig. 

I attach a copy to the top of your crate in case the airlines lose the originals and I keep a copy.

I then purchase your airline approved crate, which means its not collapsible and its bolted together. I drill holes in the water cup and freeze the water the night before so I can zip tie the cup to the door and the piglet has water during the whole flight. 

I purchase a size larger than what is required. Airlines only require that the pig can stand and turn, I prefer they have more room so they don't have to lay in their poop, which is un-natural and may cause potty training issues once home. (we don't want them to think that laying in their poop is ok)

Its legal to ship them in a cat sized crate, I pay the extra expense to use the larger crate so my prices stay competitive but the pig is more comfortable.  I use an absorbant paper product to keep the pig dry, clean and warm during the flight.  

I then book your flight and make sure you understand the pig goes to the closest International Airport, I don't ship to regional airports this would be a DASH shipment and runs $200 higher if available.  You must pick up from the airport Cargo Desk-Delta is my primary shipper.  

With the crate, bedding, ice, food and paperwork I attach, the crate is usually 15-18 pounds, if I use a smaller crate its less but I feel like the pigs are more comfortable this way. At the end I do a cost breakdown of my shipping fees.

My shipping fee is $375 and includes the following:

Airfare $240-300

Crate  and hardware to make it approved $25

Bedding is $7  (I do like a specific kind)

Vet Visit $68

Microchip $50 from vet

Gas for 4 hour round trip to airport $21.50

Total Cost 411.50-471.50 but you only pay $375

Some states do require extra bloodwork that is usually $100-120

***If extra bloodwork is needed I will let you know ahead of time,I do not pay for the extra blood work the customer does, but its very rare and only in 2 states right now.

‚ÄčNOTE at this time shipping pigs via airlines is restricted due to heat regulations.  Here are a few things you need to know: 

The Temps must not be above 85 degrees at any stop/layover

The piglet leaves California very early and usually arrives very late

The piglet ships to the most cost efficient International airport, not usually your closest airport

The piglet ships on my days available, this is NOT customizable,its a 5 hour drive for me

You may arrange ground transport via www.uship.com and pay for it all on your end, I will still collect the health paper fees and get the correct papers ready, I will need approx 2 weeks in advance. People who want to pick up in person and see everyone are more than welcome.  People who don't want to make the long drive but don't want have them shipped via airline (mostly California residents) can meet us in Clovis, CA  for $150. For out of state residents that want piglets ship, I put together this step by step process to show how the process works and why its not instantaneous but we can get this done by the time the piglet is 8 weeks.   Almost all my pigs ship on  Wednesdays or Fridays.  Pigs do not ship on Monday, Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Piglets ship into International airports with the most direct flight and the most cost feasible, this may not be your closest International Airport.  If you want a DASH shipment into a closer airport its generally an EXTRA $250 on top of the $375 regular fee.

If you live in California we can meet you in Clovis for $200, we generally wait until we have 3 pigs. If we can't meet you. our driver can (our daughter) .  No other fees are involved unless your choose a microchip.

We prefer pick ups, we do farm visits, you can meet mom and dad, see in person how small the pigs are plus meet our other residents, alpacas, horses, tortoises and kunes!