California Mini Pigs near Chico, CA

Bentley  ADOPTED

1.5 year old Neutered Kunini 

Bentley is a very sweet boy, once he gets to know you he is very loving.

Bentley currently lives outdoors full time with my KuneKunes but he is use to be indoors as well.

Bentley loves whimzees and comes with a harness and leash.

No fee, please make sure you are zoned


Approx 1 year old and intact

Onyx was brought to be by a previous customer very small and most likely underfed he has now filled in and his coat is looking great.

Onyx is not fixed and will need socializing but very small for his age.  He currently lives outside with my small boars.

Onyx fee is $75 and completely refunded upon proof of neuter within 3 months 

Occasionally a pig is not the right fit for a family or the family situation changes and people bring their pigs back (we do not buy back pigs or give refunds) .  They bring them here because we can find a new family for the pig and do all the screening for you. 

We also do rescues when needed or pull pigs from shelters that would be euthanized, or pigs in bag conditions on Craigslist.  Those pigs are listed here as well.  Text me if you are interested 530-514-3249