California Mini Pigs   Redding, CA (96047)

Squirt has been a very valuable breeder to my program for the last 6 years, she is very sweet and loving, I have kept many of her offspring.  She can be trusted around anyone, she would be a great companion with Pinky if you would like two loving pigs in your yard.

Pinky has been with me for 7 years, I have recently made the move to smaller property and Pinky does not like the Kennel situation we have here.  She likes to roam, this is a very sweet and loving pig, she can be trusted around people of all ages, she flops for belly rubs and comes to her name.  

Pinky is approx 80 pounds and would like to just be somebodies yard pet.

Please text me if you are interested, no deliveries, you must pick up 

This page is dedicated to pigs who have come back to us, have been rescued by us or retirees ready to live the good life.

Usually I charge no fee for these pigs and if I don't have any I usually have access to some.   If there are not any listed, please text me