These babies are on sale until sold.  Most have changed into their permanent colors.

They are older, check out their dates of birth and ready to go. 

Because they are older they are use to being in a herd, if  you find one  you want to love, consider getting a second one for just $50 so they can stay in a herd.

Sold to Jessica!

Gulliver,  male, neutered ready to go

Parents: Gingersnap and Waylon

Born 7/9/19 

Estimated 14"

Ready Aug 24

Please check your zoning and research, read our Q and A page for common questions then text me your questions. You pick up here at our ranch or have shipped. We can meet in Sac for a small fee to cover gas and time!

SALE! $100 Gulliver is now a dark brown with his white belt, he is approximately 10" tall and 18 pounds.  He lives outside with his piggy buddies and loves pumpkin as his favorite treat.


Sold to Jessica!

Karuk, means bear-male, neutered

DOB  8/8, ready to go 

Parents: Khaleesi x PoPo

Estimated height 13-14""

Khaleesi and PoPo are the parents of this litter. Making them grandchildren of Kelly Pigler and Auburn so you can see how small the line stays.

Please check your zoning and research the care of these guys, they are not like a puppy :)

Karuk is about 12-15 pounds now and his colors have stayed pretty much the same as they are in this picture, he is just  a bit bigger.

Karuk is playful and would love a home with rooting box or a yard to play in.

Rescue and Rehome Pigs available!

Sold To Garret Adams

Ellie, Female

DOB  9/4, ready to go

Parents: EmiLou x PoPo

Estimated height 13-14"

Emmi is still dark red, she may keep her auburn colors or turn brown, only time will tell.

She looks the same just about 15 pounds now

Ready to go now $100

Eric, Un-Neutered male

DOB  9/4, ready to go

Parents: EmiLou x PoPo

Estimated height 13-14"

Eric is mostly silver with black spots now and approx 15 pounds.

Ready to go now $100

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