Michele Nickell
Simon, One Year

My experience with Anita has been wonderful! Simon is my first pig and I had a ton of questions and Anita was patient and answered all of them! I've had a few times where I needed additional help - Simon got dippity - and Anita was again, amazing! I was on the verge of crying and she told me I did nothing wrong and walked me through what I needed to do to make him comfortable. She is a wonderful resource to have and is extremely knowledgeable about pigs. I also love her little short snouted pigs! It was very helpful that she let us come out to the farm, pick our piglet and see how all the other pigs interacted. She is a great breeder - you can't go wrong with her!

Lisa Jackson, www.jfpiggery.com
Willow and Angel, 18 months

Anita is by far the most knowledgeable and caring person/breeder I have had the pleasure to work with. Her piglets are the best of the best and her standards are set high as all breeders should. She offers lifetime support and is always available to answer questions.  

Randy and Pam
Wilbur 3 years and Peanut 2 Years

Doing research prior is so important and key I was fortunate to have researched with the best breeder. Any and all questions welcome

Laura Courtade
1.5 Year Hamilton, formerly "Samuel" 

Wonderful, Wonderful Breeder!

Joanna Simmons
Hammie Johnson - 3 yo, Aleynah - 33 months, Boo Boo - 23 months

Purchased our 1st piggy from Anita and came back 6 weeks later for another one. The 3rd one, Boo Boo was a rehome from a young pregnant gal, and it turns out she's half sister to our Hammie. Their mom is MooMoo. We learned about the Kunekune breed and have one because of Anita.

Nancy Champagne
Kasper approx  9 months

I have had 3 pigs prior to Kasper and I can say honestly Kasper is the love of my life. He has so much personality and is a total momma's pig. He has a harness and is getting used to walking on a leash. They are so smart and get into their own routine. He loves to shower with me too. I can't say enough great things about the California Mini Pigs. I am so glad I found their site. 

Kari Harold
Diesel 2 years

I wanted a pig for years. When it was time, I researched for along time and searched for a pig that would be the right pig for our family. I just happened to see a pigture of Diesel on facebook one night. Finally my husband agreed and this little guy. I was so anxious. Since the 1st day I spoke with Anita she has answered questions I feel appropriately from everything I seen and read online during research. I continually learn new things and I lean to her for questions. Since then we have rescued another pig whom we were not searching for. She has also been very helpful answering questions and leading me in the right direction. All I was able to have to phone, email, and/or facebook contact with her since we live near Chicago, IL. I have had some people contact me and I have sent them in her direction. I love her, I love that she is straight-forward and honest with pet owners.

Alicia Sollars
Callie 2, Roxy, Mollie, Carlee all 2 years

I own 6 pigs from California mini pigs! Each pig is very sweet, has a great temperament, and are healthy. California mini pigs has always been up front and honest. She is alway there to answer any questions! She helped me with my first pig who wasn't even from her! I can not say enough great things about this breeder! 

This is a list of references that have given permission to contact them at anytime.  We have a group on Facebook, "California Mini Pigs Family" so that we can share our pigs as they grow and stay in touch.