California Mini Pigs,Redding , CA

Bringing Home your New Piglet by Anita Jacobson 

A brief overview of how to be prepared, what to expect and the first 72 hours

Congrats, you are getting a mini pig or at least considering one. I usually go over this information when you come to visit but not everyone can do that, hope you find this information helpful.

1. To be prepared BEFORE your piglet comes home, I advise that you have an area set up for your piglet because your environment is completely new to the pig, they need a place to feel safe and it will ease your potty training efforts.

A small area of about 4 x 4 is ideal. In this area you should have a bed (soft and fluffy with a blanket to burrow under), a litter box with pine pellets (not cat litter, it can kill) and water/food dishes plus a few stuffed animals for toys should do.

Note that I said pine pellets for litter, cat litter can and does kill, they eat it. With pine pellets I get them at feed stores and wet them down so they become fluffy like shavings or sawdust. If they look like pellets they will eat them and it can cause a blockage.

The area should be draft free and in an area where the piglet will be most of the time.  

A lot of people put the piglet in their bedroom, I don’t suggest this because if you wake at night when your piglet wakes up, you are training your piglet to wake up at night for attention, we want the opposite of that.

This fencing would work, its metal and has a walk through gate so you don't have to always lift your pig!

IF you live in a cooler area or you like to keep your house cooler, this is a safe warming panel for your piglet they will appreciate:

I like a bigger litter box, but this one in particular can be used by your baby because it has a lower entry! But will be big enough for later on!

I have not used the grass "wee wee patch" but my clients have reported back that they love it, its an alternative to potty pads.

2. Have your feed ready! We send a sample but its meant to be mixed with what you choose to feed your piglet to help with the adjustment.

You will start with ¼ cup twice a day and gradually increase as your pig ages. By the time my pigs are a year they are ¾ cups twice a day and by the time they are 2 we are 1 cup twice a day, plus fresh veggies. I do not give sweets or make special cakes, cookies and candies for my pigs. They are content and happy, their food is their treat and can be used for training. We do not have any obese pigs because we keep them on a healthy diet made for pigs! If we do any kind of treat, its more natural like pumpkin, hay or other fresh veggies.

I suggest an organic feed, but if that’s not available I suggest Manna Pro, its usually available at Super Walmarts or Amazon. My third choice is Mazuri, I NEVER use the youth, it is too protein rich and causes loose stools which makes the bonding process longer

Organic Mini Pig food, my top recommendation and can auto ship!

I always recommend a slow feeder, it keeps your piglet busy longer and keeps them from choking!

Mazuri Mini Pig Food Link! They also have an autoship program to save you time! Note I do not use the youth food, this is for adult pigs: and you can have it autoshipped! They do offer a blueberry treat that is basically food that my pigs love, for piglets you have to break these up, they are pretty big

Pigs can be messy with their water, I would recommend taking precautionary steps and getting a bowl that helps prevent some of the messes!

Bag of hay for a special treat, usually pigs take to this closer to 6 months:

3. Your piglet comes de wormed, we do not start vacinations here, that is a discussion that should happen between you and your vet, based on your location.  Your piglet gets de wormed twice before leaving and should be done no longer than 6 months after your piglet leaves. You can buy the de-wormer from local feed stores or order online, its called Ivomec for Swine and Cattle. You can double the suggested dose and give it orally.  You will want to alternate it with Safegaurd goat pellets to get good coverage.

4.  The first 72 hours your piglet needs lots of love and time to adjust. Many people suggest leaving the piglet alone and letting them adjust on their own time. I suggest the opposite. I recommend lots of holding, feeding from your hand and interacting. Your piglet will scream most likely, you are a stranger and pigs are naturally prey animals and their instinct tells them to scream and run. IF you change your pig you are a predator, this is another reason we want an area set up before your piglet comes home. Do not get into this game, your transition time will become a nightmare.  Do not put your pig down when it screams, you are teaching it to scream to get its way.

5. Grooming tip! We recommend bathing no more than once every 6 weeks, if you get a male piglet and his neuter is not healed, please wait at least 10 more days before bathing. These products work well for grooming!

Soft brush, not only do pigs love to be brushed but it helps stimulate their skin to keep it from getting as dry, pigs have naturally dry skin. This is always a special treat for your pig

You should use a tear free shampoo because the first few baths will not be calm LOL

I cannot say enough good things about coconut oil, it can be used in food but ALSO a few hours before a bath, I lather my igs in coconut oil, brush right before a bath and then bath. The dry skin peels off and the coat after a bath is amazing!

Another good skin supplement and its cost effective!