Tear Free shampoo is a must! I like Aveeno because its known to be more gentle on skin.  You should bathe

your baby no more than once a month, unless they absolutely need it, they have dry skin.

This IS the food I am recommending now. When I wrote my original guide this was not a well known feed, Its now become available on AMAZON and its the best. Pigs have less skin issues, less digestive issues and they take to it easily. I do NOT recommend SHARPS food, its not approved by the FDA/USDA and not proven. Mazuri is my second pick if you cannot find this food. But I assure you this is well worth it!

California Mini Pigs,Redding , CA

The items listed above are the bare basic items needed to get you started and ready for your piglet to come home. Below are items highly suggested to challenge your piglet and keep life interesting.  The more you challenge and entertain your piglet the better behaved they are.  This list will always be added too as new items come available.

Yes! You can clicker train your pig and clickers are so much cuter now!

I have 50 pigs so training them all is not feasible anymore however when Bernie was in my house she was clicker trained. YouTube Lara Joseph for more training tips.

This book is "ok" the one I really liked is not longer available but this does cover the important stuff and I pick this one because the pig on the cover has a good body weight.  Pigs are not meant to be obese, check our wild pigs they are naturally athletic.  

For families who like to feed organic, non gmo, I really like this feed. it costs a little extra and its now offered on AMAZON, I feed a very similar food and my pigs thrive on it. I believe that the proper nutrition is responsible for 95% of our pigs health.

Pigs cannot have clay type of litter, they are naturally inclined to eat the clay and it has chemicals in it.  Pine pellets are my main recommendation.  You only spread a small amount in bottom of the tray and spray it down, it puffs up and becomes a fine sawdust.  This way they aren't to be confused with the pellets they eat and they won't get an impaction from eating them. 

I get asked over and over, Do I have to trim hooves? My answer is this "if your pig is outside on pavers or concrete, probably not!"  but "most indoor pigs, yes, and its best to start young."  These work well and made by a good company, i suggest after a bath when your pig is relaxed and the hoof is a bit softer. NEVER cut between the hooves and never cut too short. You can do multiple cuttings, but a pig is not forgiving. Start young and often, reward often and if you have waited too long to start de-sensitizing, get a farrier or vet.  Still keep these on hand for emergencies.  

For in between those baths you can use this to freshen your pet and help moisturize their skin.  Lavender is said to have a calming effect and I found this to be true, especially when I place it on their ears.

Seems nerdy but you will thank me !  This holds treats, poop bags and even your cell phone if you're like me and a picture junky!  I know its kind of funky but life with a pig is funky TRUST me, save your purse get a treat pouch and carry poop bags, your friends with dogs will thank you, dogs like to eat pig poop.

Every piglet should be harness trained.  My first choice is www.piggear.com but this one works too.

My pigs and I both give this a YES. Any supplements for skin are good, you will fight dry skin for the life of your pig and they are tasty!  Same as the treats below

Your piglet from me comes de-wormed for 6 months but you WILL need this and this is a good price!  Double the dose and give orally over their pellets. You don't want mites on your body, they itch.

Injected dose 1 cc per 70 pounds

Oral dose 2 cc per 70 pounds

Your piglet from me comes de-wormed for 6 months but you WILL need this and this is a good price!  This is the second de-wormer you use to cover internal parasites, you give this in between Ivomec dosages. I rarely find this and never in stores, I would buy and store in fridge. 

This is the BEST litter box. In fact, its not a litter box at all but a cement mixing tray, however, its still the best litter box!  It will grow with your piggy. Its sides are high enough that it holds litter in better and YES  your tiny piglet can get in and out.  My recommendation is to get two!  One to use while the other one is rinsed and aired out. Many times pigs use the potty outside the box, they are clean and don't like the smell of a dirty box. In fact I would rinse with vinegar, its non toxic and will clean up that smell.

I really want to put this in the "must have" section because it encourages natural foraging.  Some call it a rooting rug, sprinkle pellets, or cheerios and let your pig forage, root and do zoomies all over. They really love these things.  This is well worth your money

I specifically recommend this play yard, I have several.  I know its more expensive than the others but here are my reasons why I choose this one.  Its heavier than your typical dog play yard. Pigs are strong and this will hold them in for much longer.  It is still able to disassemble and move.  This specific yard has 16 panels, you can make it as big as your want, smaller or have one for indoors and one for outdoors. During the first few weeks you will want your pig contained outdoors as well as indoors.  Remember these are prey animals and their instinct is to run. This is also a durable play yard, I have had mine for many years, we can pressure wash it and it looks like new again.

I have specifically selected these items based on my own personal experience.  One of the most important things is to have your piglets new area ready BEFORE  you pick up your baby.  They need an area that is their own to help potty train them, give them a place to rest and have an area your pig will be safe while you are gone. Yes I am an Amazon affiliate, we receive a small commission from these products that goes back to spaying and neutering pigs that we rescue.  We also donate to other Houston Mini Pig Rescue.  

This is not your typical feeding tray! Pigs are not typical pets, they are smart and need interaction and challenges. This will dispense your pigs pellets and give them awhile to digest their food. I suggest two so one can be washed, rinsed in vinegar and one is ready to go.  

This is what we use for water bowls. Yes it large and not super pretty but there are three main reasons I use these.  Piglets have a difficult time tipping them, and they do tip their water.  They are durable and and easy to clean.  Piglets needs fresh water at all times to avoid "salt toxicity." A cute little bowl will not give your piglet enough water. I recommend getting ahead of time and rinsing it a few times to get rid of the rubber smell

My Pigs say these smell and taste delicious. In moderation I approve !  Good for training and giving positive reinforcement.  Always reward the good and ignore the bad. 

Puppy pads are my second choice for potty training, but I use them to line the bottom of their play area when they are eating or learning to use the box. Amazon does have the best prices on them.  If you leave them down too long or if your pig gets bored, they will shred them in many cases.