Reba Son

Short and best temperment ever

We have some of the smallest pigs you will be able to find. I have traveled all over the US looking for breeding stock and then continuously returned to those breeders to buy additional stock.  With crossing small lines from various breeders we have created very tiny stock.  If you come across anyone breeding pigs that they claim are smaller ask some vital questions:

How old are the breeders? They grow for almost 3 years!

What are they fed? You can starve a pig into being smaller, not healthy but lighter. Our pigs get 2 plus cups a day as adults plus veggies and grazing.

Can you come see them?  If they aren't offering to let you visit the parents in person before deciding, just pass

No adult pig exists under 40 pounds and 12"! If someone is making that ridiculous claim, walk away.


January 2017



DOB 9/21/15


Born here from 

Squirt and Taz


December 2016

Butterfly x Lil Bits