Signs that your pig is becoming too fat!

Excessive weight under the chin

Excessive weight on the back of legs

Folds on forehead

Becoming lazy

These are beginning signs! Yes I see my clients with chubby pigs,but until they ask for help its not my business to step in. 

Some of the health issues related to obesity in your pig

Fat Blindness (the folds over the eyes rub cataracts on the eye


Break down of the pigs knees

heart disease


food aggression

Not from my farm but found on Google in a free image file.

If you notice your pig is starting to get chubby and show signs of being excessively fat (your pig should remain a 3 on the above scale. You need to take immediate actions.

I recommend stopping ALL human foods/snacks, they affect your pig just like they affect a human. Excess sugars, carbs and calories in general take a toll on their bodies, they have an ideal weight and excessive food means excessive weight.

Cut your pig back to 2% of its body weight, if you don't know what that is and your pig is an adult, start with 1/2 cup of pellets in the morning and at night.  Make sure your family/roommates are doing the same.

Stop all grazing.  Vietnamese Pots are born to get fat on grazing like a KuneKune, so although our pigs are not full potbellies anymore, they have the same genetic make up to a degree. Grazing will make them fat.

Their salad should be limited to green leafy veggies: kale, chard, romaine, etc....until this is no longer an issues. If you have questions feel free to contact us.

More exercise and outdoor time. Rarely do you see full time outdoor pigs fat unless they are grazing full time and eating pellets. Make an outdoor yard away from grazing with hog panels, even better, line part of it with pavers to help keep hooves short.

Lets hope your pig NEVER gets to this point, but one of the hardest things for owners to do is to keep their pig on a healthy diet. Then they want to tell the world that they didn't get a mini pig, They want to tell everyone that their breeder "said it was a mini" and they show obese pigs.  Well an average adult human female should be 135 pounds but many people can overfeed themselves into 300, 400 even 600 pounds!  Yes some of those cases are extreme but when  your mini pig gets over a certain point it becomes extreme and life threatening.  

Just like people, once your weight gets to an extreme point, its difficult and sometimes impossible for people to get back into a healthy range.