Poppy, future breeder

DOB July 25, 2018

Po Po x Carlee(Carlee resides at Reno Mini Pigs)

Yep! We brought as many in as we could fit, LOL

More Reba decendants.




Although she is black she does throw red babies!  

Abigail came to us in 2017 and has fit right in, we have plans to retain a baby a little later in

her breeding career.

FeeBee, Bernadettes sister, bought from SC

Jan 2012


FeeBee is one of our shiest pigs. Although we 

have had a her a very long time, she prefers 

pigs to people.  She is an excellent mom who throws fabulous colors and dispositions. 

Mother of Marmolade


DOB July 25, 2018

Po Po x Carlee(Carlee resides at Reno Mini Pigs)

Almost a Reba "minime" you can see the 

resemblance strong in this little genetic power


Kirby, gorgeous female! Only one!

Born 6/18/19

Parents are Gemma and Wasabi 

Not only is Kirby gorgeous but she is the last Wasabi baby we will have here.

Future Breeder


DOB 7/1/2013

under 14" 

Brilliant blue eyes

Her babies are some of our most sought

after because of her sky blue eyes.

When Safflower does not have a litter she is a very sweet loving pig.  When she has babies she is not a force to be reckoned with, in fact when she is in the birthing shed we do not allow visitors in the shed, any other time she is sweet.  This is actually an excellent trait for sows to have and is instinctual from their wild

ancestors, its how these guys have survived for

millions of years.  

Hoping one day to get a replica of Safflower to keep her lines going.




Diamond is most notorious for being the 

mother of our famous Allan!  

She throws tiny babies and her color is 

dominant and very much sought after!

She throws tiny dished faces and tiny sizes although she stands 15". Her demeanor is soft and sweet, she likes people and loves treats even more!  I can't say enough good things about this girl.

Mother to Allan!

Bernie aka Bernadette

January 2013


Bernie at one time was my house pig and

her character won the attention of thousands

as she would zip through the house terrorizing

anything in her way. Bernie was bought from 

a breeder who is now out of business in SC.

She is semi retired, we may bring her out 

of retirement for one more litter if we find

the perfect match. Bernie is capable of throwing a variety of colors.


July 2, 2014

Reba x Taz


Sorry for the muddy picture but this is Sydneys 

favorite spot!  MUD!  

She is short and on the shy side until she gets to know you. She throws amazing piglets! She has a longer nose than mom or dad but still adorable and dished.  Sydney is short and currently being bred, we are hoping to retain one from this breeding since Grandma is nearing retirement and Sydney isn't a spring chicken herself 


DOB 9/21/15


Born here from 

Squirt and Taz


Reba PorkEntire,

BORN January 2013


Perfect Pig!  Reba is not only one of a few rare red belted pigs, she is short, has a beautiful dished face and a disposition to die for.  Reba is basically the cornerstone of our breeding program.  She is getting older and near retirement, but has been know to throw some of the smallest offspring on the ranch that we have retained for breeding.


Mother of : Gingersnap, Sydney, Sassy and PoPo



January 2016

Reba x PingPing

All I can say is Reba strikes again! Absolutely tiny and stunning. Now bred to YoYo for a spring litter that should be out of this world.

We love Sassy aka Sassafras, she is tiny, loveable and a pleasure to be around


DOB July 25, 2018

Po Po x Carlee(Carlee resides at Reno Mini Pigs)

Another descendant of Rebas line with amazing color. We are hoping to get better pictures this spring to show off our future lines, we think you will be just as pleased as we are.


DOB Aug 6, 2018

Po Po x Cookie (Cookie resides

at Reno Mini Pigs)

We love Rebas decendants so as 

soon as this line was offered to us

we were "on it"

Raven is small for her age with an adorable

dished face and the genetics behind her to produce colors.

Our pigs are American Miniature Pigs (not to be confused with American Mini Pig which is the name of an organization), American Miniature Pigs are a mix of the original imports from Vietnam in 1980 that most people know as Pot Belly Pigs, mixed with smaller lines and feral pigs to make up American Miniature Pigs.  The term Juliana Pig is a registry made up approximately 6 years ago that will register pigs with certain traits, for example: The pigs must be spotted, they have longer noses and a flatter back, the Juliana pigs tend to get taller than my lines so we have very few Julianas within our program and the few I have retained are shorter in stature.  Both the Juliana Registry and AMPA registry are private for profit registries without DNA on file, they mean absolutely nothing to us.  Our reputation comes from our years of breeding, our customers and our continued business growth. Anybody can buy a pig and register it, it does NOT mean the pig is a true mini.  

I also want to note that American Miniature Pigs can grow up to 5 years, but can breed as young as a few months. Please make sure that when you are shopping for your next family member you are buying from adult pigs, pigs that are from multiple generations are even BETTER!  There is ABSOLUTELY no such thing as 15, 20 or even 30 pound adult pigs!  There are some "flukes" and dwarfs that are tiny, our Allan is tiny!  Averaging 30 pounds at 4 years but he is a dwarf and neutered. Tumbleweed is a special circumstance, but we do not promote tiny pigs under 40 pounds because they simply are rare!  There are so many scams that want you to believe they have special imported lines. They do NOT! Import records are public knowledge and no imports of ANY special lines have been done, this can be verified through the USDA. 

There is no guarantee of the size of your pig! If you think about an OB/GYN certifying that a newborn human baby will only reach 125 pounds and realizing that a pigs DNA is over 99% the same as ours, you will understand.  Nobody can determine if a new owner is going to feed a healthy diet, give ideal living situations and have daily exercise for their pig.  A 50 pound pig can easily be overfed to 125 pounds! Just like a person who is genetically predisposed to be 125 pounds can overeat to be 300 pounds, you see it daily!

We keep our pictures current and update.  Its very important to me that you are comfortable and understand the size of an adult pig.  Anita (the owner of CMP) founded Mini Pig Breeders INC, a national non profit, designed to educate and certify ethical breeders. 


under 14"

DOB 11/11/16

Kelly x Tatem

I need an updated picture of this girl, she has turned out pink with some slight markings under her coat.

She is an excellent short mama, tends to be on the shy side but warms up with snacks and at feeding time.

I no longer have Tatem, he did throw pigs with a slightly shy/wild disposition and ended up being taller than what we wanted from our program, but Khaleesi retained her moms shorter stature. Shes a fabulous mom



Opal x PingPing

Super Small, come visit.  Tumbleweeds mom was bought from a breeder going out of business and is not longer with us, however we have Tumbleweed who is one of those rare tiny pigs.  At 3 years she still does not weigh 40 pounds. She does throw tiny babies and is currently breeding with our new male, Waylon for a Summer 2019 litter in which we hope to 

retain a baby or two from.  Typically Tumbleweed has 2-3 babies in her litters.

Opal was sold to another breeder during my divorce/downsize. 


December 2016

Butterfly x Lil Bits

One of the smallest and freindliest boars

we have had. Unfortunately I lost Wasabi to 

aggressive pneumonia in the 2018 winter right

after we moved. 

Pinky is one of my first and semi retired

She is a Vietnamese Pot Belly and quite a bit

larger than my smaller stock, but still adorable.

When I cross Pinky with a male I get mid

size minis about 17" and 80-90 pounds, still 

​a small pig but better suited for outdoors.

Eclair (spotted female)

Future Breeder from WPFN-California

DOB 8/8/18

Parents and Cait and Marley

Very small female, 13-14" when grown

Joe and I decided that we needed more spots

in the program and thought Eclair would be cute mixed with some of our boys. We

are looking forward to breeding her in the future.


Peanut was here a short time before breeding Khaleesi. We took him in because the owners could not contain him and he lost his best friend.  He is a very sweet, emotional pig and likes people and to be given attention.

Peanut stands roughly 15" with a slim build, he is estimated to be about 60 pounds.

Daddy Pigs


Kelly Pigler x Taz

born April 15, 2016

14" and still under 50 pounds

KiKi has yet to give me a litter of piglets.

Unfortunate due to her small size and 

adorable dished face. We will try a few times before she retires but I do beleive that she

is the first pig to be barren on our ranch.

She is shy but does warm up.  She tends to have a slender build like her mama no matter

how much she eats, lucky girl!


DOB 8/12/18

still growing

from When Pigs Fly Naked California

Parents are Indi ad Willis, estimated adult 

height is 12-13"

Joe and I saw Waylon and thought he would be the perfect addition to our herd. He is calm and gorgeous with a cute dish face and short legs



Reba x Billabong


Ginger aka Gingersnap has a beautiful red

belt like her mama Reba. She also has that 

gorgeous dished face that I love to see in my piglets.

Ginger can be shy, she tends to be "my" pig meaning she is okay with me but avoids strangers.  We will be retaining her a few of her offspring as we retire her grandma Reba.

Squirt, bought from Florida in 2012

DOB 10/10/12

Striped shorty! 13"

Squirt is my LOVE PIG!  I fell in love with stripes and the short dished face along with tiny short legs and Squirt had it all. Not to mention her disposition.  Squirt is retired, I hope for one more litter but as of yet its not happening. In this picture she is standing next to my 20 year old cat RIP.

Mother to Sage, Gemma and MoonPie



DOB 12/1/14 

(Jenny X Bubba Gump @ Pigs Fly Naked

Kitty has a sweet demeanor and came to us through a genetics swap with Natasha at Pigs

Fly Naked.  Kitty throws gorgeous greys like herself and is now semi retired. 

If I find the perfect male for her I may pull her out of retirement, until then she is living life large.



Bought from SC


Chloe would be classified as one of my shiest pigs.  She has had a few litters for us but is semi retired. She delivers gorgeous babies, is an excellent mom and has a beautiful dished face.  

Although shy she is never aggressive, she just prefers to watch you from a distance. IF you have treats you may get the joy of interacting with her but mostly she interacts with me.

Zoomie, Jan 2018

From Taya and Crosby at Paragon Petz

Zoomie is a very small petite female

who is a future breeder

PingPing (Refernce, no longer here)

Ping Ping was a red belt, who was a fantastic breeder with us for over 5 years.  He suffered a back injury this winter and is not longer with us. I am expecting two last litters and expect to retain at least two of his offspring. We miss this gentle soul.

PingPing stood 14" and weighed 65 pounds.

Penelope our farm Spokeswoman with

Joe, note! Joe is 6' to give you an idea of her size

Angel is mom

Approximately 20" and 180 pounds

Dont let anyone tell you that the kune mixed with mini will be tiny! They grow very slow but have amazing personalities



Squirt x Taz

12" one of my shortest lines

Absolutely amazing female from two of my

favorites on the farm

She is an excellent mom and we plan on retaining a few of her piglets. She is now being bred to PoPo, from Reba, this should be amazing.

California Mini Pigs,Redding , CA


Kelly Pigler 

May 2013


Kelly is a gentle loving female who passes this onto her offspring.  She throws reds, stripes, pinks and spots. She has a darling dished face.

Kelly loves people and attention, she is not shy and tends to have a slender build no matter how much we feed her.   

Mother of Kahleesi 



Squirt x Capt Morgan


One of Squirts darling daughters who is one of

our sweetest most talkative females here on the farm.  If your lucky she will greet you and hang out with you just because she loves people!

Gemma throws the sweetest babies on the farm, she has light green eyes and the softest voice.

Sienna, future Breeder

Chauncey x Wasabi

DOB May 2018

Absolutely tiny for her age and the sweetest piglet. She roams the 15 acre ranch during the day as my little side kick.

Descendant of Squirts line


DOB 2/3/19

from Wasabi x Ginger

Wasabi and Ginger produced this special blue eyed red boar

Marlo, from When Pigs Fly Naked, California

DOB 11/15/16

Still a mere 13"

Marlo is sweet and gorgeous, we are anticipating her first litter from Wasabi this spring, I lost Wasabi due to pneumonia so I am 

hoping this litter happens. If not we will breed her to PoPo to mix with Rebas lines.


January 2017


Adorable small male, becoming one of our top 




From Reba and YoYo

Another fabulous retention from Reba



Auburn bought from another breeder in 2014

 Born January 2012


The only full Juliana I have 

because she is shorter than most Julianas.  Auburn has an excellent gentle disposition.  Nearing retirement, she hasn't had a litter in a few years but we did retain a female from here, Fawn.  She is very short and loves attention from people.  Note the Juliana nose on her.

Mother of Fawna aka Fawn 


From Reba and Yoyo


EmiLou (pink female)

Future Breeder from WPFN-California

DOB 8/8/18

Parents and Dawn and Marley

Very small female, 13-14" when grown

When Joe and I picked up EmiLou she was very mild tempered. Photo does not do her justice, will update as we approach the fall.


Dec 2017

From Reno Mini Pigs

Future Breeder

Danni is a descendant of Rebas line.

Reba is her grandmother and PoPo

is her father. She is now ready to 

breed. She can be shy to strangers until

she gets to know you.



Catalina x PingPing


Cricket is one of those rare babies out of 

Catalina, Super short!

She can be shy unless you have food!  She is then your best friend.  She is an excellent mom and has Catalinas tiny size with PingPings gorgeous dished face.

We love us some Cricket girl! Now bred to PoPo


July 12, 2015

From Paragon Petz


Capri is a sweetheart! She doesn't demand attention but when you give it to her she loves it!  She is from one of our dear friends and so we know their stock and know Capri comes from short lines. 

Capri is pink which I usually breed for reds but I fell in love with her adorable face and personality.  Capri typically throws me pink piglets.

Puzzles, future breeder

DOB July 25, 2018

Po Po x Carlee(Carlee resides at Reno Mini Pigs)

As you can see, when we had the opportunity

to grab up Rebas genetics, we did.  Puzzles is adorable and the short stature we seek.



Pickles x Mimic at Paragon Petz


Tempest is a kind and curious girl, who is an excellent mom!  She throws all sorts of colors !

her last liter consists of stripes, reds, black belts, greys and spots! NO two piglets are the same.

Tempest is a great mom, lets me handle her 

babies and appreciates  attention.



Blizzard came to us through Paragon Petz,

he is the only white boar I know of in


He is small, freindly and now producing babies.

We have had 3 piglets out of him to date that

are white


Angel, bought from another breeder in 2014

Born April 2012


Angel is a farm favorite, she is 15" and weighs

approximately 65-70 pounds.  She is 

an excellent mom and has delivered Kuninis!

I have one of her daughters here named Penelope who is a kunini (mix of mini and kune).  Angel is one of the most docile pigs

here on the farm and a great auntie, she too is

nearing retirement.  I would love to retain 

one more breeding female from her.

Mother to Penelope


Fawna aka Fawn


Auburn x Moon Pie

Very small female, 12.5"

Excellent mom, calm demeanor

We will be looking to retain a piglet from 

her current litter to add to our future breeding stock


Reba Son

Short and best temperment ever

Stands about 13" tall and the biggest lover.

Currently waiting on litters