PoPo 14"

Chloe, DOB 5/1/14, 15"

Bixie, 15.5"

Sterling. Rae x Po, 5/10/20

Future Boar

Our pigs are American Miniature Pigs (not to be confused with American Mini Pig which is the name of an organization), American Miniature Pigs are a mix of the original imports from Vietnam in 1980 that most people know as Pot Belly Pigs, mixed with smaller lines and feral pigs to make up American Miniature Pigs.  The term Juliana Pig is a registry made up that will register pigs with certain traits, for example: The pigs must be spotted, they have longer noses and a flatter back, the Juliana pigs tend to get taller than my lines so we have very few Julianas within our program and the few I have retained are shorter in stature.  Both the Juliana Registry and AMPA registry are private for profit registries without DNA on file, they mean absolutely nothing to us.  Our reputation comes from our years of breeding, our customers and our continued business growth. Anybody can buy a pig and register it, it does NOT mean the pig is a true mini.  

I also want to note that American Miniature Pigs can grow up to 5 years, but can breed as young as a few months. Please make sure that when you are shopping for your next family member you are buying from adult pigs, pigs that are from multiple generations are even BETTER!  There is ABSOLUTELY no such thing as 15, 20 or even 30 pound adult pigs!  There are some "flukes" and dwarfs that are tiny, our Allan is tiny!  Averaging 30 pounds at 4 years but he is a dwarf and neutered. Tumbleweed is a special circumstance, but we do not promote tiny pigs under 40 pounds because they simply are rare!  There are so many scams that want you to believe they have special imported lines. They do NOT! Import records are public knowledge and no imports of ANY special lines have been done, this can be verified through the USDA. 

There is no guarantee of the size of your pig! If you think about an OB/GYN certifying that a newborn human baby will only reach 125 pounds and realizing that a pigs DNA is over 99% the same as ours, you will understand.  Nobody can determine if a new owner is going to feed a healthy diet, give ideal living situations and have daily exercise for their pig.  A 50 pound pig can easily be overfed to 125 pounds! Just like a person who is genetically predisposed to be 125 pounds can overeat to be 300 pounds, you see it daily!

We keep our pictures current and update.  Its very important to me that you are comfortable and understand the size of an adult pig.  Anita (the owner of CMP) founded Mini Pig Breeders INC, a national non profit, designed to educate and certify ethical breeders. 

Rae, Reba x Wasabi, pic coming soon

Meisha DOB 11/3/19, Abigail x PoPo

Axel, DOB 6/2018, approx 14"

Ellie, Female

DOB  9/4/19

Parents: EmiLou x PoPo

Future Breeder

Puzzles DOB 1/25/18, PoPo x Carlee

Cheyenne DOB 7/30/19 Reba x YoYo

Future Breeder

Moo, my oldest and super small girls. Now

retired after 2 litters and living the 

good life

Tempest, DOB 11/11/16, 15"

Cricket, DOB 12/19/16, Catalina x PingPing


Raven DOB 8/16/18 Po x Cookie, 14"

Fawna DOB 9/6/16, Auburn x MoonPie

Capri DOB 7/25/15, 14"

Kitty DOB 12/1/14, Jenny x Bubba, 15"

Poppy, female

Parents: Pheonix x  Axel

DOB 6/30/20

Future Breeder

Waylon, 14"

Gucci, Reba offspring, picture coming soon

Sieana DOB 5/2018, Chauncey x Wasabi

still too small to breed at 2 years

Twilight DOB 6/21  Reba x Axel, future breeder

Hiccup DOB 12/2018, 14"

Bernie DOB 1/2013

Angel, DOB 4/2012

Kelly  Pigler DOB 5/2013, 14"

YoYo DOB 1/2017, 15"

Abby, DOB 5-2016, approx 15"

Marlo, DOB 11/15/16, approx 14"

Savannah, Female 

Parents: Sydney x  Axel

DOB 6/21/20

Future breeder

Tallulah DOB 2/10/20, Hiccup x Sushi

Future Breeder

Pepper 1/2018, 13.5"

Not named yet. Rae x Po, 5/10/2020

Blizzard DOB 1/4/2017 15"

Sydney DOB 7/2/14 Reba x Taz, 13"

Sushi 2/3/19 Gingersnap x Wasabi

KeVa, DOB 7/24/18, PoPo x Carlee

Safflower, DOB 7/1/13, 14"

Kahleesi, DOB 11/11/16, from Kelly Pigler x Tatem, approx 15"

Kirby DOB 6/18/19 Gemma x Wasabi, staying very small

Pigcasso, DOB 5/2019

EmiLou DOB 8/8/18, 13" and tiny

Geisha, Chloe x Po, photo coming soon

Our new improved parent piggy page is still under construction. We will be adding pictures and updating old ones, updating some measurements and hopefully make it apparent the size of these sweet pets.

Kimi DOB 8/8/19, Khaleesi x Po

Meadow DOB 7/28/18, Carlee x Po, pic coming soon

Squirt, DOB 10/10/12, 13"

Ecliar, DOB 8/8/18, 13"

Gemma 9/25/14, Squirt x Captn Morgan


Wasabi DOB 12/2016, Butterfly x LiL Bits


Frankie, Future breeder

You can click on the photos to make them bigger.

These are our pets, breeders, future breeders, retired pigs and pigs that have been abandoned and came to live with us on our beautiful ranch until they pass over the rainbow bridge.  Pictures, date of birth and sizes here for your reference. 

Sassafrass, 13'" Reba x PingPing

 Gingersnap DOB 3/12/16, Reba x Billabong

approx 15"

Penelope, our native Pain in the Ass.

She's our pet, half mini x half kunekune

Reba, the one who started my pig addiction

as you can see her genetics are my foundation

she is one of the oldest and 13" and you can

still pick her up. Mini Pigs don't have to be huge, breeders just need to know what they are breeding

Auburn DOB 1/2012, 14.5"

FeeBee , sister to Bernie

Pinky, one of my oldest gals, a Vietnamese Pot who is now a retired pet

Poppy, DOB 7/25/18, PoPo x Carlee

Liza Jane DOB 1/2018, 13"