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California Mini Pigs   Redding, CA (96047)

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Meet Ragan, a female

Reba x MoonPie

Estimated 13"

DOB 11/1/18

Will be ready the week before Christmas

Spay not included, must pick up, I cannot arrange flights this close to Christmas.

$500 if paid in full

Safflower and Taz delivered 4 piglets on 11/7/18, we will be listing them soon, they will be ready for Christmas.  They will be $500 each. We have one girl (black) and 3 boys (2 black and one silver)  If you want to deposit on that litter please use link below, if you want to be notified when I upload the pictures please text 530-514-3249.  Note: We will not be using airlines so close to Christmas time. We can meet in Redding, Chico or you can pick up, but I will not be making any flights or trips to Clovis close to Christmas so I can spend time with my children. 

‚ÄčCLICK HERE for a pre purchase questionaire

Meet Rachel, a female

Reba x MoonPie

Estimated 13"

DOB 11/1/18

Will be ready the week before Christmas

Spay not included, must pick up, I cannot arrange flights this close to Christmas.


Purchase Options

Micro Mini,a marketing term and not a breed their pigs are not any smaller than anyone else's as adults at 3 years they will be the same as ours. Very small pigs.

Mini Pig is the size of most miniature pigs, the Average is 13-16" this is most of our herd, Anything under 14" is hard to find as an adult pig. RESEARCH :)  We have a pigs that stay under 14" and will label them as so.

We breed American Miniature Pigs, not potbellies, but decendants of the pot bellies that were imported from Vietnam in 1980.

**Pigs grow for 3 years, do NOT ever believe a pig will stay under 11" or 40 pounds, these types of breeders are known as Greeders, they lie to get more money, in some cases a lot more money, we do farm visits, please text for more info 530-514-3249. Most of my pigs ages can be tracked right through our facebook page!

KuneKune is a breed imported from New Zealand and get up to 300 pounds. WE no longer breed Kunes

*Before purchasing a piglet please note the following

*Deposits are transferable to another piglet, NO REFUNDS

*Blue eyed piglets tend to change colors to hazel or lighter browns

*Piglets maybe shipped within the US, at California Mini Pigs discretion. During the hot summer months we have temperature regulations we have to watch, it can never be over 80 degrees at any stop along the piglets path, so this means we have to ship early from California and arrive at a time where its below 80 degrees its not easy and not always doable, sometimes we have to switch airlines. And the piglet arrives when I get the flight and I try to get close to your nearest airport but that usually does not include regional airports but larger international airports.  

*You need to check your zoning, NOT all towns allow pet pigs

*All of our piglets leave at 6 weeks or later, 8 weeks for a flight, no early pick ups

*All piglets come with: crate, blanket, guide, feed sample, wormed and support from me unless piglets price is discounted. Additional bags of feed may be purchased. UNLESS YOUR PIGLET IS SALE PRICED, THEN THE CRATE/BLANKET IS NOT INCLUDED

*We allow farm visits by appointment, we are not a petting zoo, only up to 4 people per visit, closed toe shoes MANDATORY, WE HAVE SNAKES

*All males are neutered unless stated or bought as a breeder, females are not spayed they are sold as pets only, some have spay refunds

*Piglets come with a 72 hour health guarantee and lifetime congenital birth defect guarantee, you much have written proof by a vet for health guarantee and a formal necropsy for birth defects, no refunds, replacements only.

*Customer pays for transport, in addition to the pigs purchase price.

*We encourage pick up at farm, flights are only optional

*Pigs are time consuming and require up to a 20 year commitment, 15 years is average but can be longer.

*We do NOT hold piglets without deposits, the deposit goes toward the purchase price of the piglet.

Please text for info (530)514-3249

*Spays now available for an extra $300, ask for details

*All policies are subject to change without notice

Note about shipping! SUMMERTIME HEAT RESTRICTIONS APPLY, WE MUST SHIP AT UNDER 80 DEGREES.  We can legally fly them as early as 10 weeks ,however it almost always takes longer, up to 12 weeks for all neuter sites to heal (must be healed completely), USDA inspections and permits (only certain vets can do this), micro chipping and my schedule, as the airport is a 6 hour drive for me. They come in airline approved crates and I then reinforce them. If you cannot wait please do not use the shipping option, you may pick up as soon as 6 weeks SOMETIMES, but no sooner, this is when I feel that the piglet is healthy and large enough to leave. We want what is best for the piglet. They must be big enough to handle to flight and temperature changes. Thanks for looking after the best interest of your new piglet.

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