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Micro Mini,a marketing term and not a breed their pigs are not any smaller than anyone else's as adults at 3 years they will be the same as ours. Very small pigs.

Mini Pig is the size of most miniature pigs, the Average is 13-16" this is most of our herd, Anything under 14" is hard to find as an adult pig. RESEARCH :)  We have a pigs that stay under 14" and will label them as so.

We breed American Miniature Pigs, not potbellies, but decendants of the pot bellies that were imported from Vietnam in 1980.

**Pigs grow for 3 years, do NOT ever believe a pig will stay under 11" or 40 pounds, these types of breeders are known as Greeders, they lie to get more money, in some cases a lot more money, we do farm visits, please text for more info 530-514-3249. Most of my pigs ages can be tracked right through our facebook page!

KuneKune is a breed imported from New Zealand and get up to 450 pounds. WE no longer breed Kunes but plan to in the future.  We do breed Berkshire hogs

​twice a year.

Tasha, female

Tempest x Axel

DOB : 5/12

Ready to go June 23

Estimated 15"

This is the last litter for Tempest. Loving the grays

$500 if paid in full 

Purchase Options

Be Prepared for your new piglet ahead of time to reduce the stress of a new pet in the home! A link to our simple guide with product recommendations        Prepare for your Pig

*Before purchasing a piglet please note the following

*Deposits are transferable to another piglet, NO REFUNDS

*Blue eyed piglets tend to change colors to hazel or lighter browns

*We are not shipping pigs via airlines at this time, you may hire a ground transporter which is usually the same price. They will have to work with my schedule, I am not available weekdays until 6:30pm 

*You need to check your zoning, NOT all towns allow pet pigs and not all HOA's

*All of our piglets leave at 6 weeks or later, no early pick ups EVER

*All piglets come with: a  guide (its a free download on this site), feed sample, wormed and support from me. Additional bags of feed may be purchased, if i have it on hand or you let me know in advance.

*We allow farm visits by appointment, we are not a petting zoo, only up to 4 people per visit, closed toe shoes MANDATORY, WE HAVE SNAKES, DIRT and POOP

*Piglets come with a 72 hour health guarantee and lifetime congenital birth defect guarantee, you much have written proof by a vet for health guarantee and a formal necropsy for birth defects, no refunds, replacements only.

*Customer pays for transport, IN ADDITION to the pigs purchase price.

*We encourage pick up at farm, we want you to see the parents, ask questions and know what to expect.

*Pigs are time consuming and require up to a 20 year commitment, 15 years is average but can be longer.

*We do NOT hold piglets without deposits, the deposit goes toward the purchase price of the piglet.

Please text for info (530)514-3249

*All policies are subject to change without notice

Shipping!  United Airlines (our local airline is no longer shipping piglets), the closest airport to me is a 6 hour drive (round trip).  Therefore shipping via airlines is cost and time prohibited at this time and we are NOT shipping piglets via airlines. We have also heard of many horrible stories about piglets coming out of the cargo hold (where they travel) decease or needing immediate medical attention or shipped to the wrong airport and then having to stay in the tiny shipping kennel up to 2 days while they are re-routed.  We have ground transport available now within California. Outside of California we do have a highly trusted ground shipper that we have been recommending, she makes a trip by our place quite frequently. Please text her for your shipping quotes if you do not want to make the trip here. 951-377-2860. IF you TEXT her she will get back to you, she is driving most of the time so she​ does't always answer her phone.

We now have transport available for an extra fee directly from our farm to your home for an extra fee. See fee schedule and dates below.

If we can't accommodate your transport needs we have referrals.

June 3rd Transport Available and June 27, space is limited,  the following rates are an approximate estimate, contact us for exact rates:

Up to 180 miles from our ranch $175

180-360 miles $300

360-550 miles $400

Out of state has extra fees, please inquire.

Additional piglets to same home OK for an added fee.

Sold to Isreal, Carmel Valley, CA

Tessa, female

Tempest x Axel

DOB : 5/12

Ready to go June 23

Estimated 15"

This is the last litter for Tempest. Loving the grays

$500 if paid in full 

Sold to Hailye Ioppolo, Lincoln, CA

Theodore, neutered male

Tempest x Axel

DOB : 5/12

Ready to go June 23

Estimated 15"

This is the last litter for Tempest. Very flashy chipmunk, 4 colors!

$500 if paid in full 

Want more information? You can text Anita 530-514-3249 or Joe 530-999-1732. We have alot of information on these pages, including heights expected and parent pictures.  We update our page daily but if we haven't covered something, please ask.  We only use the ground shippers so someone is with the piglets at all times instead of in cargo hold on a plane, its the buyers responsibility to make and appointment to pick up with us, arrange for our ground transport or to contact a shipper for shipping information.  Most of our adult pigs weigh 45-65 pounds unless very pregnant, we do not use the larger sized minis (100-300 pounds) for breeding like other breeders and we do not use un-proven lines. With a good lifelong healthy diet, your pig will stay small, but once it leaves our ranch, you are in charge of its feeding habits like any other pet..

Purchase Options

CLICK HERE for a pre purchase questionaire

California Mini Pigs,Redding , CA

Sold to Samantha and Rex, Sebasastopol, CA

TadPole, neutered male

Tempest x Axel

DOB : 5/12

Ready to go June 23

Estimated 15"

This is the last litter for Tempest. 

$500 if paid in full 

We accept Venmo and Zelle as well.  Its free to use and easy to set up.  If you want to use Zelle please text me before your purchase 530-514-3249.
If you have questions please text 530-514-3249

You will need to bring a crate at pick up, we will supply a feed sample and your piglet will be de-wormed.  Microchips are extra.

Tansi, female

Tempest x Axel

DOB : 5/12

Ready to go June 23

Estimated 15"

This is the last litter for Tempest. Tri Color sweetheart, very mellow

$500 if paid in full 

Free Care Guide wrote by me, download by clicking the button.

Still Looking? Don't see your perfect piglet?

We have litters coming!  Get on our notify list if you want to see them when they are listed by texting 530-514-3249 or we can take a $200 deposit to get in line to pick before anyone else, the deposit goes towards your piglets purchase price. Text the number above for a deposit link

Females currently in the maternity ward with due dates SOON, this is our summer line up:

Cricket x Axel (spots)

Roxie x Axel (blacks)

Keva x Axel (red belts)

Puzzles x Taz (Red Belts)

Ginersnap x Axel (Red Belts)

Gucci x PoPo (Reds, mega short noses)

Gemma x PoPo (Browns/Reds)

Sassafras x PoPo (Reds)

Chloe x Axel (black and whites)

Zoomie x Axel (black and whites)

Kittie x Axel (grays)

Late Summer:

Raven x Ziggy Pop

Reba x Axel

Hiccup x Waylon

Bixie x Waylon

Pepper x Waylon

Note, we currently do have 6 deposits pending for black piglets and Crickets litter.

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