Piglets really are like toddlers and they will certainly test you and get into everything they should not, you should have a few items on hand, I have put together a short list, and their uses.

Hydrogen Peroxide, to induce vomitting when instructed by a vet or poison control

Activated Charcoal, to absorb toxins when instructed by a vet or poison control.

Immodium for Diarrhea

Benadryl for Allergies, 5 mg per 5 pounds

Buffered childrens chewable asprin, to reduce fever and for aches/pains.

Terramycin, can be found at feed store or online for eye irritations.

Vetrycyn, can be found at feed stores for minor cuts

Sunscreen for light colored pigs, I get tear free childrens sunscreen for long days outside

Aloe Vera for when your sunscreen fails.

A syringe


Childrens suppository

First Aid Wrap

Honey to rub on gums incase they get into sugar and their blood sugar levels plummet, this saves lives!

IF you work closely with your vet, there are a few presciption drugs I keep on hand. Exceed, a long acting antibiotic and Benamine for pain, its injectable into the muscle.

This is a basic list and I'm sure your collection will grow