How to purchase one of our piglets:

1. Make sure you understand the care it takes for a piglet and that it is at least a 12 year commitment.

2. You may schedule an appointment to see them in person, we do not hold piglets until a deposit is made, so if you are in love with a piglet, you can place a deposit and after you visit the deposit can be transferred if you wish.

3.Understand they have annual vet needs like any pet (hooves, worming twice a year, vaccines if you choose them)

4. Fill out our application, if you are zoned properly and can answer the questions you don't have to wait to hear from us, you may purchase.  If in the rare event that we do not approve  your application (mostly due to zoning reasons, we will refund your deposit)

5. Place  your deposit on your piglet (full price purchase is an option as well)

6. Start preparing your home BEFORE your piglet arrives (play yard, litter box, food, litter, bed, bowls, toys)

7.  Understand your piglet is going to get 13-15" (think English Bulldog) they will not stay tiny, they will not stay in your purse, you cannot hide them from a landlord, they are vocal.  Their size is not relative to their height, a 15" pig can be 65 pounds and be a very healthy weight. An adult pig is never going to weigh under 40 pounds and be healthy. Again think English Bulldog, as a groomer we handle dogs all day, but some of the bulldogs that come in can weight upwards of 100 pounds.  

8.  JOIN a few pig groups online and absorb all the information you can.  (also a great group to get references about me, we do 300-400 visits a year and most I refer to that group)

9. Start building your success team, initiate contact with me, vets , groups and other pig owners. 

Reasons we may deny your application

The biggest denial reason is ZONING. miniature pigs are fabulous pets but not all towns/cities recognize them as pets, they still view them as livestock.

You live in an apartment, pigs need space and exercise.  Without it they can get and mostly likely will get destructive.

You have a dog and no plans to separate them when you are not supervising.

One reason I do deny and refund deposits is people come to visit and after all the education and information we provide they still believe they can keep their pig under 40 pounds or the size of a cat.  Its not going to happen.