​​​Common Questions and Answers

How Big do your pigs get?  A pigs size is determined by their genetic make up, 

just like humans. If you have two small adults, the will produce small piglets.

We strive to produce pigs between 12-15". I get asked all the time how much they weigh, 

typically between 50-75 pounds but pigs are very dense this is still a tiny pig. Think about a fat pug or

an olde english bulldog, short a dense.  

Are these Micro Pigs or Teacup Pigs?  There is no such thing as a micro pig or a teacup pig. These are

American Miniature Pigs, descendants of pot bellies and other small feral pigs  bred down to produce smaller 

lines with smaller descendants. Micro pig is a marketing term to mean a smaller size and teacup pig derived

from a scientist who had a pig who liked to drink tea from a teacup, they are not breeds. Usually breeders

selling with these terms are scammers, in fact there are are several class action lawsuits against a few

breeders now

Why do I need to check for zoning?   Most towns consider pigs as livestock still. Although this is

changing and some towns like Sacramento allow multiple mini pigs in town, you need to check with 

your city planning department

Why can't pigs live in apartments? Pigs get bored! They are intelligent and need space to run and be pigs

Can pigs live inside full time? yes, but we don't recommend it. See the question above.

What do they eat? Any mini pig pellet. It cost about $20 a bag and should last 4-6 months. You can add

fresh veggies, its not necessary and light fruits as special treats. We don't recommend junk food ever.

Why are pigs afraid when they first come home?  Pigs are prey animals unlike dogs that are predators.

They are naturally more leery of a new home and must gain your trust. With consistancy this will take 2-3 days.

Can I potty train them? Yes, pigs are naturally clean. In a small area with a bed,, food bowls and 

a potty box, they will choose the potty box.

How much do they weigh? Pigs are very dense, like an Old English Bulldog, they are short and

stout, no healthy pig will be under 50 pounds, but that is a tiny pig.

How much should they weigh?  Our mini pigs weight between 50-65 pounds that we use for breeding.

We have many rescues that are around 100 but still small

How long do they grow for? 5 years is the max. We don't typically see any growth after 3, they tend

to gain weight easier as they age, like a person.  There are alot of myths about pigs that never stop growing,

their DNA is almost identical to us, they would be the size of dinosaurs if this was true!

Are your pigs registered? No, the registry is NOT DNA based, there is not way to track heritage

or any other genetic traits. Without being able to track bloodlines, I feel its worthless. The existing

registry is owned by an individual listed as a LLC, therefore its not non profit, its not DNA based and 

when the individual is gone so is the registry. Until a true DNA based registry exists we will not register

our piglets

Is my piglet vaccinated when it comes home and do they need vaccinations?No, they are only wormed for 6 

months. Vaccinating is something to discuss with your vet, based on the area you live.

Can we visit your farm? Yes! We do farm visits by appointment. We both work full time and have limited time

off so these visits are for serious inquiries ready to pick out a piglet or $50 for a one hour farm tour. Text us! 

​530-514-3249, if you are ready to place a deposit or buy you are not charged the $50

Where do we pick up our piglet? We live in a small town West of Redding called Igo, 96047. Address will be 

out once a piglet is purchased or you book an appointment, but if you Google the zip code you can see

how far the distance is.

How do I get my refund for neutering my pig?Simple! Within 3 months of picking up your piglet, send us a 

receipt from a licensed vet and we will refund $50 for neuters.

Does my female come spayed? No, our vet does not spay until they are 20 pounds, we do not spay our females

California Mini Pigs,Redding , CA