Free Care Guide wrote by me, download by clicking the button.

A guide to a more natural pig diet wrote by Crystal T, a piggy advocate.

A guide to have handy on pig CPR, wrote by Dr Cathy, DVM

How to help your constipated pig or piglet, by Dr. Cathy, DVM

How to put your pig on a diet if he really needs it, by Dr. Cathy DMV

Salt Poisoning in Pigs, by Dr. Cathy, DVM

What to do for a vomiting pig by Dr Cathy, DVM

​What do do if your pig has a fever, by Dr. Cathy,DVM

​What to do if your pig gorges on food, by Dr. Cathy DVM

What to do if your pig gets into poison, by Dr Cathy DVM

A plan for healthy skin by Dr Cathy, DVM

Birth to Weaning Poster

​How to help your choking pig, Dr Cathy DVM

​How to prepare  your pig for surgery, Dr. Cathy DVM

Coping with a pig who has seizures, by Dr. Cathy, DVM

Acorn Toxicity from Merck manual

I am including helpful articles that can be downloaded and printed with permission from the vet and authors who wrote them.