Greys or Grey and whites typically keep their color, this is Safflower in both pictures.

White piglets with large black spots stay the same throughout their life.

This color can change into grey with black spots or stay white with black spots, look at the parents to see what is more likely.

Hopefully by now you have researched enough to know striped piglets lose their stripes but all piglets can change.  I want to give you a few examples from our

herd to show you what can happen.

Here is how this red can change into a solid chocolate, you may or may not be able to see the spots when mature.

A red piglet out of a grey pig may sometimes turn this red roaning color and many times these pigs change throughout their lift.  In the baby picture you can kind of see white hairs throughout .

Bright Red/Orange can change into a chocolate/auburn color but the white will stay.

Usually stays similar in color if they have the faint red stripes on them. 

Stripes/Agouti fade into a chocolate with lighter highlights, the white will stay. The pig on the right is 4 years old but never had any white areas.  Some breeders will tell you this is a rare color and charge more, it is not rare.