A healthy pig will be a 3 on this chart.

Caring for your mini pig is not hard, but it does require some research and time.  I recommend that you research and prepare for your piglet before you bring your piglet home. 

I HIGHLY suggest that you go to www.theanimalbehaviorcenter.com and sign up for pig training sessions with Lara Joseph, she is wonderful and this type of training will lead to a happy healthy pig!  She's fabulous.  You should always use positive reinforcement with your pig!  Its proven to be a much quicker and more effective way to train your pig. No matter what you hear, you should never use Move the Pig method unless you are wanting to deal with aggression later on.  For more tips on training, I also have a group calledJust Mini Pigs on Facebook, with over 9500 owners, vets, nutritionists and behavior specialists I recommend you join.  You can also ask for references in this group, not all are my clients of course but most of my clients are in there.

Before bringing your piglet home, have a special area set up for your piglet. I recommend a metal puppy play yard in an area of your house that has at least two sides that are against a solid wall or piece of furniture that can offer your piglet a safe retreat if he/she feels threatened.  I recommend that you buy the best one you can, they are stronger than you think!  In this play yard, have a litter box (I use cement mixing trays from a home/garden store, they are stronger and bigger), in this tray I use equine stall pellets, but sprayed down before the piglet has access to them so they don't ingest them thinking they are food.  Also a fluffy bed and food/water trays.  Be Warned they will dump their water so a broad base, heavy bowl is needed and make sure you aren't set up on wood/laminant floors to avoid damage.

You will also need food, we feed an organic, non gmo feed that  I have mixed, but I do start my babies on Mazuri mini pig feed mixed with old fashioned Quaker Oats and unlimited fresh water, a piglet without water for only a half a day will get salt toxicity and pass away.  

Your piglet will enjoy toys that, shake, rattle and roll from the dog department so there are no small choking parts.  A bored piglet/pig will become aggressive, destructive and territorial.

To start off you will be feeding 1/4 cup of pellets, TWICE a day along with limited fresh veggies (I say limited because too much can cause scours) and at this time to do not introduce fruits.  You should feed your pig in a different place each time to prevent your pig from becoming territorial.  (kitchen, laundry room, dining room, yard, side of yard, etc)

You should do a meet/greet with a vet who treats mini pigs, this is not something you want to leave until you have an emergency.

Think of your piglet as a young child (believe me, you will know what I am talking about as soon as you bring your piglet home) lock all poisons, foods up, put up electrical cords and anything you want to keep safe from your new family member.

You will need to worm or have your vet worm your piglet every 6 months, when your piglet comes home it will be wormed twice already and no other vaccinations take place here.

Never give your piglet milk, your piglet from us is at least 6 weeks, fully weaned and eating pellets.  Never give your piglet a bottle, it will aspirate and cause pneumonia.

Expect the first few days to be "bumpy" because piglets are prey animals and until your piglet knows you are not a predator they will feel threatened and be scared. Time and gentle handling will make your piglet come around.

We send home a 13 page care guide with all piglets and you will have unlimited support from us.

Before you bring your piglet home 

you will want to have a nice secure, draft

free area set up for your piglet. An area to 

sleep in, feed area and a potty area.  This should be sturdy and easy to access for 

cleaning. It should be in an area frequented

by your family so you can visit your piglet

often the first few days of adjustment

and get your piglet use to sights, sounds

and smells around his/her new home. 

Free Care Guide wrote by me, download by clicking the button.

California Mini Pigs,Redding , CA