California Mini Pigs has now added Silkie Chickens to our farm!  We strive for quality chickens just as we strive for quality piglets.

Just like Zsa Zsa we are breeding for full bearded silkies with the following traits:

     Full Beards

     Straight Beaks

     Turquoise earlobs

     Black Combs (no other colors should be seen on the combs)

     Combs with no spurs, also called horns by some, even

     Full tops

     Full feathered legs

     Wide stance

     No split wings

     5 well formed toes

We can go on and on about our future goals but as our flocks continues to improve, we also breed for health and  loving dispositions because this is one of the endearing qualities that people choose Silkies for.

SOLD OUT At this time I have a few straight run blue silkie chicks ready to sell, $15 each, they are almost ready to to go outside . Text me if you want to take a look at these guys or purchase them.  530-514-3249.

More pictures of our stock coming but this is what I have  on the farm.

Roosters: Paint (Billy Idol), Blue (Johnny Cash) and Lavenders (Rod Stewart(

Hens: Splash, blue, Lavendars, Black and whites

Again, quality, health and disposition is our goal.

Why we chose Silkies?  Its hard to not fall in love with the comical appearance of Silkies, but add that to their loving personalities, sweet sounds (yes they are quieter than other breeds) and hilarious antics, it was a win-win breed for us.  We also live in an area that gets cold December through March with hot summers. The dense light covering on the silkies allows them to adjust to our weather.  They are a hardy bird and great moms.  The Silkie tends to be one of the better breed of chickens if you want them to raise their own young.    We also use ours as parasite control, we have pigs, so we have flies and the silkies love to forage for the bugs all day.  Many people do not free range their silkies, we do, we feel like it is most natural and keeps them happy.

One of our adorable slash chicks still inside but getting close to being able to explore

California Mini Pigs,Redding , CA  ...and Silkies

Zsa Zsa, one of our young paint females.