May 2012

15" approx 80 pounds

Fiona is super loving a fabulous

mom who almost never loses a piglet

by laying on them. I have her daughter

Flo here that I am using. This sweet girl

lets you handle her babies and breeds very easily



March 2013

Daughter of Daisy


A very small pig of Daisy, she is black

but throws color and amazing colors with

Short noses, she will let you hold her babies

but she rather eat treats out of your hands

instead of letting you pet her, I have retained

one of her babies for myself (i have too many and really shouldn't but they are great)




Zena x Finn (Auburns Grand daughter)


Another super sweet female,

produces easily and lets you

handle her babies, she produces great



Adults for sale as breeders to approved homes.  Have you thought about breeding and ready to take the plunge?  I have a desire to downsize my program and make it more manageable as I am divorcing and relocating my farm.  

These pigs are proven breeders or ready to breed and have been specially selected as breeders, you don't have to worry about that part, its done for you and they have great pheno and genotypes to pass down.

This group of pigs has been sold, please inquire if you are interested in purchasing breeders.

Want all 5 plus a free unrelated male?

I will sell all 5 together with an unrelated male ready to breed that will produce color for $2000 plus support

I have more breeders available but think my heart can only handle a few at a time, if interested please contact me

Shrinky Dink



Shrinky Dink is one I thought I would

never sell, but as life has chosen a new

path for me and I have to make my

herd manageable on my own I have to let

some of them go.  Shrinky is  a protective 

mom but after 2 weeks and her hormones

balance she lets you handle the babies.

But look at those colors , perfection!


California Mini Pigs   Corning, CA



Zena X Finn (Auburns Grand Daughter)


I love Monroe babies, they are so 

sweet and she loves to be loved on

as well as let you handle her babies.

She can throw amazing colors