Butterfly x Lil Bits


Red Tuxedo, I rarely release these colors but I have too many of his lines here


California Mini Pigs   Corning, CA


15" currently

DOB 9/20/15

Squirt x Taz

MoonPie throws chipmunks! Proven 

breeder and produces lots of babies.

He knows what to do and you can keep him with your females, he will not overbreed


Butterfly is a 3 year old proven breeder, she gives me large colorful litters.She stands approx 15" and falls into the 50-60 pound range.  When bred with reds, spots or stripes those are the colors she throws.

Sold! To Amy 

Adults for sale as breeders to approved homes.  Have you thought about breeding and ready to take the plunge?  I have a desire to downsize my program and make it more manageable as I am divorcing and relocating my farm.  

These pigs are proven breeders or ready to breed and have been specially selected as breeders, you don't have to worry about that part, its done for you and they have great pheno and genotypes to pass down.

Want a package price? Make me an reasonable offer




Full sister to Catalina, definately on the smaller side of mini pigs. She produced a

gorgeous litter in the fall of 2017, I have her sister so I decided to sell one

$750 as a breeder, definitely a bargain!