Your home must be properly zoned. That means that you are allowed to have a pig in your neighborhood.  Most homes in the country with acreage are approved.  But if you do not know you need to call your city planning department or in many cases animal control knows these laws as well. If you are not zoned, animal control can take your pig!  

Mini pigs are a big time commitment, they grow for at least 3 years and due to their intelligence they need attention. Mini pigs with other lines such as Meishans can grow for 72 months, I do not have any Meishan mixes but you need to be aware.

Mini pigs need to be wormed every 6 months at a minimum, my piglets leave here wormed.  But after that you will need to either learn to do it yourself or make regular vet appointments.

Mini pigs cannot be left unsupervised with dogs, even the sweetest family dog may not be able to tolerate the constant pushing around by your new pig!

Your pig will need toys and entertainment, enrichment and to be socialized, a bored pig becomes aggressive and destructive.

No pig under 40 pounds as an adult has ever existed and been healthy, period, don't be scammed.  Breeders breed young and underfeed, this is not only unethical, fraudulent but it will lead to health issues.  Its best to assume your pig will be at least 50 pounds.

Pigs should always have some outdoor space that they can root, play and be a pig in.

The more time you commit to your pig, the better pet you will have.

Pigs are very dense! A 60 pound pig is tiny! 

Pigs always act hungry, but a pig only needs a nutritionally balanced pellet and fresh veggies.  Human treats and excessive food leads to an obese pig.  

We take back our pigs! If you decide a pig is not for you, it comes back and we rehome it, we do not give refunds on re homing pigs.

Our males come neutered, our females are not spayed, this is something you must do.  We keep our prices low so you can budget for this once they hit around 20 pounds, our vets recommendation.

Pigs root!  They get vitamins and minerals from soil, so its natural.

Pigs shed! What! Its called blowing their coat, it happens quick in early summer and by fall it grow back. What!  Yes I know breeders say pigs don't shed, they do!  Really, truly all my pigs look like adorable baby hippos in June!  

Pigs are not always hypo allergenic! I know another breeder myth. They don't have the dander like dogs, but some people are allergic to pigs. If in doubt schedule a visit.

Pigs do sunburn, when outside they need shade and sunscreen if out for long periods of time.  Especially pink piggies.

Pigs cannot have excess salt or be without fresh water, it leads to salt toxicity, it almost always leads to death.

Studies have shown that pigs react faster to positive reinforcement, we never recommend "move the pig" or physically punishing your pig.

Studies prove that piglets (or any animal) left with its mother longer has a higher intelligence level.


The expected size of an adult healthy mini pig, not underfed not overfed, This is about a 15" pig, some can be shorter, some can be taller, we do not breed the taller lines here, but this should give you an idea of an approximate size. The labels micro mini extremes, teacup, royal pixies (you've seen Paris Hiltons Royal Pixie, Dandies, etc...are marketing terms, not breeds.  

Breeders are working on downsizing pigs, we have 4 generations here with proof of ages and you can see some of the differences we have made in our lines by using smaller outside lines.  Our older taller lines are retired and living happily out on our 5 acres of pasture.

The term Micro Mini here is used to show our smaller lines, but there is only about a 3" difference between the short lines and taller lines.  A 10" adult pig does NOT exist, any pig 3 years or older will not be 10" or under 40 pounds.