Angel, bought from another breeder in 2014

Born April 2012


Angel is a farm favorite, she is 15" and weighs

approximately 65-70 pounds.  She is 

an excellent mom and has delivered Kuninis!

I have one of her daughters here named Penelope who is a kunini (mix of mini and kune).  Angel is one of the most docile pigs

here on the farm and a great auntie, she too is

nearing retirement.  I would love to retain 

one more breeding female from her.

Mother to Penelope



DOB 12/1/14 

(Jenny X Bubba Gump @ Pigs Fly Naked

Kitty has a sweet demeanor and came to us through a genetics swap with Natasha at Pigs

Fly Naked.  Kitty throws gorgeous greys like herself and is now semi retired. 

Squirt, bought from Florida in 2012

DOB 10/10/12

Striped shorty! 13"

Squirt is my LOVE PIG!  I fell in love with stripes and the short dished face along with tiny short legs and Squirt had it all. Not to mention her disposition.  Squirt is retired,we exposed her many times, she just didn't conceive.

Mother to Sage, Gemma and MoonPie. Kirby is a grand daughter, I hope to have a few more grand children of hers, her genetics are amazing


July 12, 2015

From Paragon Petz


Capri is a sweetheart! She doesn't demand attention but when you give it to her she loves it!  She is from one of our dear friends and so we know their stock and know Capri comes from short lines. 

Capri is pink which I usually breed for reds but I fell in love with her adorable face and personality.  Capri typically throws me pink piglets.


DOB 7/1/2013

under 14" 

Brilliant blue eyes

Her babies are some of our most sought

after because of her sky blue eyes.

Pinky is one of my first and now retired

She is a Vietnamese Pot Belly and quite a bit

larger than my smaller stock, but still adorable.

When I cross Pinky with a male I get mid

size minis about 17" and 80-90 pounds, still 

​a small pig but better suited for outdoors.

Bernie aka Bernadette

January 2013


Bernie at one time was my house pig and

her character won the attention of thousands

as she would zip through the house terrorizing

anything in her way. Bernie was bought from 

a breeder who is now out of business in SC.

​ Bernie is capable of throwing a variety of colors.


Kelly Pigler x Taz

born April 15, 2016

14" and still under 50 pounds

KiKi has yet to give me a litter of piglets.

Unfortunate due to her small size and 

adorable dished face. We will try a few times before she retires but I do beleive that she

is the first pig to be barren on our ranch.


Kelly Pigler 

May 2013


Kelly is a gentle loving female who passes this onto her offspring.  She throws reds, stripes, pinks and spots. She has a darling dished face.

Kelly loves people and attention, she is not shy and tends to have a slender build no matter how much we feed her.   

Mother of Kahleesi




Diamond is most notorious for being the 

mother of our famous Allan!  

She throws tiny babies and her color is 

dominant and very much sought after!

She throws tiny dished faces and tiny sizes although she stands 15". Her demeanor is soft and sweet, she likes people and loves treats even more!  I can't say enough good things about this girl.

Mother to Allan!



Pickles x Mimic at Paragon Petz


Tempest is a kind and curious girl, who is an excellent mom!  She throws all sorts of colors !

her last liter consists of stripes, reds, black belts, greys and spots! NO two piglets are the same.

Tempest is a great mom, lets me handle her 

babies and appreciates  attention.

These pigs were part of our program at sometime and here for your reference only.

PingPing (Refernce, no longer here)

Ping Ping was a red belt, who was a fantastic breeder with us for over 5 years.  He suffered a back injury this winter and is not longer with us. I am expecting two last litters and expect to retain at least two of his offspring. We miss this gentle soul.

PingPing stood 14" and weighed 65 pounds.

Penelope our farm Spokeswoman with

Joe, note! Joe is 6' to give you an idea of her size

Angel is mom

Approximately 20" and 180 pounds

Dont let anyone tell you that the kune mixed with mini will be tiny! They grow very slow but have amazing personalities



Bought from SC


Chloe was bought from South Carolina and shipped her. She has been able to produce many gorgeous babies in different colors which is unusual for black pigs . Chloe is nearing her retirement age


Auburn bought from another breeder in 2014

 Born January 2012


The only full Juliana I have 

because she is shorter than most Julianas.  Auburn has an excellent gentle disposition.  Nearing retirement, she hasn't had a litter in a few years but we did retain a female from here, Fawn.  She is very short and loves attention from people.  Note the Juliana nose on her.

Mother of Fawna aka Fawn 


Reba PorkEntire,

BORN January 2013


Perfect Pig!  Reba is not only one of a few rare red belted pigs, she is short, has a beautiful dished face and a disposition to die for.  Reba is basically the cornerstone of our breeding program.  She is getting older and near retirement, but has been know to throw some of the smallest offspring on the ranch that we have retained for breeding.


Mother of : Gingersnap, Sydney, Sassy and PoPo