On a pre approved basis we board pigs for short term family vacations and such. Once again they are boarded outside in a kennel with a dog shelter and fresh straw, they get let out at least 2 times a day for 2- 3 hours each time, most pigs enjoy the 5 fenced acres to roam and end up sleeping the rest of the time from being exhausted! The fee is $25 per twenty four hour period or fraction there of.

Inside boarding is available as space is available and is $30 a day.

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Rescues, re-homes and rehabilitation!

We offer rescues and re-homes if we have space. 

Pigs purchased from us can always come back, it is the responsibility of the owner to bring them to us.

Sometimes you cannot keep your pig, we will rehome your pig or keep it, this is as space permits. The pigs must come wormed recently or come with a bottle of ivomectrin so we can get them current on ivometrin. If your pigs need hoof care the fee is $60 with drop off so we can have a farrier come take care of this.

Rehabilitation!  If your piggy has developed bad habits we can rehabilitate, it takes about 90 days of re training, the fee is $300 per month plus $250 for a kennel and a house. The kennel and house stays with us. All fees are paid in advance.

Piggy Diet time! Did you slip up and allow your pig to become obese? We can help!  the fee is the same as rehabilitation fees!  Plus the kennel/house requirement.

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We do informational/educational tours, for those who are curious and not sure they want to own a mini pig or those who are just curious. The rate is $50 per hour, for up to 4 people or one hour. You must wear closed toe shoes, you will get dirty, we recommend no small children.  Absolutely no dogs. You many bring fresh veggies as pig treats (no avacado, onions, no fruits)or cheerios. By appointment only, must come in one vehicle, we have no public restroom. Tours do NOT include the piglet room or happen in the rain, but we highly recommend shoes that can get very dirty.  NOTE: There is not a fee for people interested in buying a piglet or picking out a piglet. This is what we call an entertainment or educational visit only. Contact Us

We provide piglets for Birthday Parties, Corporate events and other family events. We provide a person to handle the pigs and educate.  We usually bring 2 pigs, the rate is $100 per hour and is by appointment only and we do not take our pigs out in extreme heat. Our radius is 45 miles from Redding.  All day events out of the area are available for additional fees.

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California Mini Pigs,Redding , CA