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Some of our most asked questions

Do pigs shed?

The simple answer is YES, the complicated answer is: Pigs shed once a year or once every 18 months, its called "blowing their coat" it happens very quickly, their coat is completely replaced with a shorter coat that grows back in by the fall.

Are pigs hypoallergenic?

The answer is no, contrary to popular belief they are not. However they don't have pet dander so most people with dog/cat allergies can have pigs. I have no allergies to short haired dogs but I get asthma around double coated dogs, I have no allergies to pigs. Some people have had reactions to pigs, but is very limited. 


Do you have micro sized piglets that only get 20 pounds?

The answer to this is simple, no.  Nobody does, pigs grow for up to 5 years but can reproduce under one year, so when you see a breeder who claims that they have 20 pound parents, those pigs are either starved or still way to young to determine their adult size.  

Do you have micro mini pigs?

Micro minis pigs is just a marketing term, its sometimes used by scammers to get you to spend thousands of dollars on a piglet that will be the same size as ours for a quarter of the price.  Some breeders, myself included do use the term sometimes to describe the smaller lines within our program, but an honest/ethical breeder will always let you know that micro mini pigs are not an actual breed of pig.  You also need to know that its is highly unlikely a pig will only be 10" at maturity, if a breeder claims this, ask to see the pigs in person and verify the pig is AT LEAST 3 years or the size is irrelevant. We can sort of predict if a pig is going to be smaller or larger based on their growth patterns if they are fed property, but some breeders do underfeed their pigs. 

What is a Kunini?

A kunini is a term we use when we mix a mini pig with a KuneKune.  They average 17-22" tall and 100-150 pounds at maturity. See picture on left.

Do your pigs come fixed?

Our males are sold neutered, this is done young by our vet in his office, never at the farm where the risk of infection and hernias run high.  Females are sold as pets unless determined previous to the sale that it will be a breeder. Our vet does not recommend spaying before 20 pounds, therefor they go on a pet agreement.

Do you sell pigs for breeding?

Yes, on occasion to people who dedicate their program to responsible/ethical breeding. They must become a member of MPB Inc ( in order to buy breeders from us. 

How long do pigs live?

A pig can live up to 20 years, some are on record living as long as 22 years.  Just like in mammal, good health care, healthy weight and good vet care will lead to a long happy life.

How big do these pigs get?

This is a loaded question, there are a few different answers.  The most accurate answer is: the size of its parents/grandparents.  Its really important to see as many generations in person that you can. In some cases we are working on 4 generations here.  The next thing you need to know is that sometimes (often) small lines will still throw a taller pig, it happens in people too, if the grandparents are taller, there is a very good chance you will get taller offspring. You need to know  they can grow to 5 years, most have very little to no growth after 3  years but if certain pigs have KuneKune or Meishan bloodlines they mature very slow. So really how big do our pigs get? On average 12-15", 40-65 pounds, we don't breed pigs over these sizes.  Don't be alarmed that  you will end up with a hog if you buy from us, you will not. Please check out our reference page.

Where are you located?

Northern California in a quaint farming town called, Durham. We are right outside of Chico.

Can we see the pigs in person?

Of course! We do visits all the time, we had over 400 visitors last year when I was breeding full time.

What do pigs eat?

A special formulated feed for mini pigs. A few companies make it, Mazuri, Manna Pro to name a few. Plus fresh veggies.

Do you give refunds?

No we do not, once your piglet leaves our facility, the pig is yours. It can come back if you decide a pig will not work for you, but we give no refunds. 

Do your pigs have a health guarantee?

Yes, within 72 hours of leaving our facility you have the right to have a licensed vet inspect your pigs, if it is deemed not healthy by a vet, we will replace it.  If your pig has a congenital defect as determined by a necropsy that made it pass away we will replace your piglet.  Still we offer no refunds, just replacements.

What happens if I cannot keep my pig?

We will help you rehome it or take it back and rehome it from here. I like to stay in touch with my pigs, so please involve me.  Please do not put your pig in a shelter, they get very depressed.

An excellent example of how dense pigs are!

Here is a 151 pound pig next to a 34 pound

Aussie. the Aussie is still taller!

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