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Thank you for visting California Mini Pigs, located in Durham, California..... You have found one of California's Premier Mini Pig breeders.  Offering high quality, healthy miniature pigs. 

We ship our mini pigs to the lower 48 States, weather permitting(no shipping to Alaska, Hawaii or other countries)

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I also have a group called "Just Mini Pigs" so you can ask questions about pig ownership and  talk to my previous clients.


Our babies are raised by our family and socialized to other family pets.  Many of our piglets take car trips and visit a local preschool, where the children enjoy learning about piglets and the piglets learn to be comfortable around children. Durham, CA is located just outside of Chico, so we have many opportunities to socialize our babies.  The health of our babies is overseen by our vet, who was also a pig judge and has approved our breeders.

Our babies come from tiny, friendly family pet pigs with excellent temperments and health as well. We invite you to visit our home if you live in the area to meet the parents and see for yourself how small and friendly they are.

Remember when shopping for your new piglet you should keep several things in mind.
    1. All piglets when born will fit into a teacup, they grow up. Our adults are 35
    pounds to  55 pounds, we do not specialize in a 10
    pound piglet, nor do we believe they exist. We have asked owners claiming to have   
    10,  15 or even 20 pound pigs to show pictures of those adults pigs over the 
     several years to document their true mature sizes, nobody to this date has been able
     to do that, simply because mature pigs under 35 pounds in a healthy  weight range     
     exists. Note "healthy", no bones showing, no hunched back or tucked hind quarters,
     full coat of shiny hair. An underfed pig is very easy to spot to experienced breeders,
     should exhibit all the above.

    2. Pigs love love love to be outside, to get dirty, roll in the mud and graze. Yes you
    can keep them in the house, they are affectionate, but they need outdoor time, to 
    keep a pig crated will only create a pig with bad behavior. They need attention, love, 
    time to adjust, outdoor time and owners who truley understand pigs.

    3. The words teacup, nano, micro nano, micro mini, pocket pig, dandy pigs or
    whatever word is NOT a breed. These are words to describe small pigs, so
    please please please, get to know your breeder and visit the ranch if at all 

    4. Zoning must be checked! More pigs are taken because people do NOT check
    their local zoning.

We are here to educate you on the proper care, nutrition and housing. We welcome questions and are here to support you. As more information, studies and research becomes available I update my page. You can ask me questions, if I don't know the answer, I will try to help find someone who does. 

Many sanctuaries and rescues throughout the country claim that all pigs are potbellies and will get to be 150 plus pounds, that is simply NOT the truth, come for a visit :) If you are familiar with Sacramento or the area, then note that Durham, CA  is about an hour and a half North of Sacramento.

Please look around our site and view our babies available as well as our breeders and future breeders.

Please call us or email us if you have questions.


or you can text me at 530-514-3249
Durham, CA 95938

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